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A Girl Has No Name

I opened my eyes to see a world full of wonderful people. I loved my mom. She would feed me whenever I cried. I was a bit annoyed with random people picking me up and pulling my cheeks though. What is wrong with them! Talking to me in a weird language which consisted of only “koochi koo” and “ali baba ki mishti meye”. Everyone showered me with love. Life couldn’t be better. One thing bothered me though. Growing up I could never understand why my brother got to go to the fancy English medium school and I had to go to the small school behind my house. I could not travel so far it was risky for me my parents explained to me. But dada goes. It’s not the same came the curt and swift reply. They were my parents they know better I reasoned.

I entered college with big dreams in my eyes. All my friends were so cool. The best college in India located in the capital of the country. I can do anything now that I have achieved this. Well not anything really. I was locked up after 10 PM in my hostel blocks. The boys could enter and leave whenever they wanted to though. I had to be back by 10 and could not go out to eat even when I was studying late at night and felt hungry. The boys had access to night canteen till 1 though. They must be more studious. They must be hungrier and more important. After all comparing girls and boys is like comparing apples and oranges, I learnt from my principal. He is older and wiser and knows we cannot be safe after 10. He must be right, society convinced me. After all look at what happens to girls in Delhi at night.

Now it is time to enter a reputed institute to do my MBA. I am going to conquer the world. I am the alumni socety president and the student society council secretary. I am the topper in my batch. I am the winner of the CITI women’s leaders programme. I am the winner of an international finance competition. I am going to be the future CEO of PEPSICO. My teachers tell me I am going to be running companies soon. Surely they mean it when they say I am going to have so much responsibility. I am amused when I hear I cannot be expected to take care of myself after 11. Only boys are allowed to stay out after 11. But I am going to run a company soon I feel like screaming.

A girl is blind no more. The world is not beautiful to a girl no more. A girl is shouting; shouting for the shamed rape victims, the wives forced into being baby makers; shouting for the convoluted world to wake up and take notice. A girl will not let the little things happening in her high class societal home slide.  A girl will not die little by little everyday any more. A girl inhabits the million faces you encounter everyday at home, on a crowded bus, on the streets, in the corner office; faces that hide the pain of being treated as less than equal. A girl has no name and she is burning inside. Are you human enough to take notice?


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